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Three Feathers Tobacco - ID Policy and How To Place Your First Order.

ID Policy
ID Verification Required on all First Time Customers.

A copy of your State Issued ID must be on file for your first order to ship.
What we need to verify is your date of birth and your shipping address.

IDs can only be accepted after your first order is placed.
IDs information sent in without a order cannot be verify.
 These IDs received will not be accepted and will be destroyed.
Note: Your ID may be already on file with us. (See "Is my ID already on file?" Below)

Before we can process your first order, we verify that you are of age to purchase tobacco or nicotine products and for Address Verification.*

If your address has changed since your ID was issued, also include a copy of a bill showing your name and current address. This is not required if your Credit Card address matches your shipping address.

All of the information you need can be found below.
We will email you when your ID is received. Sending to 3rd party requires same ID requirement.
Once we receive that, your package is generally shipped within 24 hours.

Please Either:
- Fax: Your ID to: 1-(716)-562-7098
- Scan and email to:
- Take a picture on your phone or hand held device and email to:
- Mail:
**Mailing Address:
Three Feathers Tobacco
PO Box 482
Derby, NY 14047

Is my ID already on file?

If you ever made a tobacco purchase online, your ID may already be on file.
We subscribe to the premier ID database: Internet Smokes
Internet Smokes, Inc. has verified mail order and online tobacco shoppers since October, 1999.
If you have made a tobacco purchase from sites like, Big Buffalo Cigars, or AJ Cigars,, your ID is already in our database.

Not Sure?
Email us at:

Yes, you may take a picture of your ID with a smart phone.
You can cross out your IDs Identification Number if you'd like.

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How to place your first order:

If you'd like to place a order online,
- Place your order and log in as a new customer to set up your account.
For online purchasing, we accept eChecks (online check) and Major Credit Cards.
(NOTE: We cannot accept ID's until a actual order is placed.)
If you like to place a mail order,
- Place your order and log in as a new customer to set up your account.
For Mail Orders, use Option 2 at checkout. You can also print a order form and mail it in.
For first time mail orders, please enclose either a check or money order as payment, and
INCLUDE a copy of your order and ID.

If you have any questions, let us know.

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Phillies TITAN

Phillies Titan
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Big Mountain
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Three Feathers Tobacco - ID Policy

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How to place your first order

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