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 Seneca Filtered

Seneca filtered cigar sale

$8.99 Carton

What customers are saying about our products and service:

Don't change a thing!
Thomas E. Rosemount, MN

Thanks for your great service!!!
Gary R. Delta, UT

You are such an awesome company with true Quality service.
Karen H., Mills, WY

Love you guys and thank you for your fast and accurate service.
Deborah M. Port St. Lucie, FL

You guys are the best!!!  I tell all of my smoker friends about you. 
I have said that if you look up “customer service” in the dictionary, you will find a picture of
Three Feathers Tobacco.  You guys wrote the book on customer service and quality products.
Thanks so much from a forever customer.
Thanks, Mike J., ALEXANDRIA, VA

Hello, I’ve been meaning to send you guys a note now for some time. Just a letter of appreciation for
your awesome service over the past couple of years I’ve been buying from you.
I wish I had found you sooner as I had dealt with three other online companies before that and they were
nothing but problems. Out of stock, misplaced, or just plain old shipped late orders, often kept me waiting for
as long as 2-3 weeks to received my order from them.
But not with your company!
I have received my orders in 3-4 days after placing it online, and even in
as little as TWO DAYS! :) Even during the holidays, now that's great service!
I have recommended your online service to a few other people and look forward to continue doing
business with you guys in the future.
Thanks again for your awesome service and keep up the great work!
Kalon S., Ocean Grove, NJ
Satisfied customer :)

1st Time Customer
Package received, complete and in excellent shape.  Thank you, very much.
David M., Marlborough, MA

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10 Pack Special


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Feather Hot Sale
Feather Hot Sale Feather Hot Sale

Native Made

Smooth and Mild

38 Special  Filtered Cigars

All Natural Blends

Signal Filtered Cigars

Bold Tobacco Flavor

Smokin Joes Filtered Cigars

Warrior Cigars

Warrior Filtered Cigars

Talon Cigars

Talon Cigar Sale

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You make it too easy not to be a valued customer!

After reading some bad reviews online, we were a bit skeptical of placing our first order
with you. BUT we're glad we did! You got our order to us in record time.
Everything ordered was fresh and favorable, just the way we like it.
After we got our order, we went back and re-read some of those reviews.. and noticed they
were all from 2010, when the government made you stop selling cigarettes online.
That's kinda unfair that they still list them. You should pay somebody take them off!
We want you to know we tell our friends about you and really glad we found you!!
George and Lucy R., Kansas City, MO

You are great people to deal with.
Fran B., Lynnwood, WA

Thanks for the nice discount! I do appreciate your great service, quick shipping,
and the products you carry. Live long and prosper!
Bonnie S., Troy MI

Just wanted to say thanks. I received my order yesterday and pleased 
with the amount of time it took to be shipped. I will be using your services again. Thanks again.
Brandon T., Fort Lauderdale, FL

Thanks for getting my order shipped quickly!

I love your company!! Just an FYI.....Mozilla helped me find your website
so I could order my cigars, BUT, Google Chrome Did NOT!!!! I just thought
you should know. I will always stick with you. Thanks so much :)

I just wanted to say to all involved, that your service is awesome and I have told friends
 about you!! And thank you for letting me know when the Senecas stopped making my type.
Who else does that!!??  YOU MAKE MY LIFE A BIT EASIER!!!!

Here is what I posted on Facebook this morning.
Attention smokers. If you smoke little cigars or a pipe, do yourself
a favor and check-out THREE FEATHERS TOBACCO. They have the little cigars
from $8.99 to $41.75 a CARTON, with most under $20.00 a CARTON.
The pipe tobacco is about $13.00 for a 16 ounce bag. This is a GREAT company..!!!

Thank you for Your Fast Service. Your Awesome
Sheila W., Island Pont, VT

I was very happy with your service. The order was correct, and came in decent time.
I'll be ordering more in a week or so!

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Three Feathers Tobacco

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$12.99 Carton

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